Early Childhood Education 

Building on the success of Pre-K for All, the City’s full-day Pre-Kindergarten program, The Fund is supporting professional development for teachers and administrators across early childhood programs, which ensures our students have a strong start in school and in life.



In just a few years, New York City has become home to the nation's most ambitious effort to make high-quality early childhood education accessible to children from birth to five years old. Critical to establishing the most effective, engaging early childhood education is training the highest quality instructors and building capacity at each program site. The Fund supports Create, a professional development intensive devoted to visual arts, dance, music and theater. 

Kids with blocks


Since Pre-K for All launched in 2014, New York City has more than tripled the number of children in free, full-day, high-quality pre-K. Building on this success, 3-K for All launched in 2017 to expand the same opportunity to three-year-olds and their families. As early childhood programs grow across the City, private support facilitated by The Fund is an essential part of developing a sustained system of well-trained, committed teachers and program leaders. A part of this effort is Explore, a math-focused intensive two-year training to equip educators with an interdisciplinary, evidence-based curriculum and practices to engage young learners.