Early Childhood Education 

Building on the success of Pre-K for All, the City’s full-day Pre-Kindergarten program, The Fund is supporting professional development for teachers and administrators, which ensures our students have a foundation of critical skills for their academic journey.


Pre-K Create

In just two years, New York City has become home to the nation's largest universal pre-kindergarten program. Critical to establishing the most effective, engaging pre-K education is training the highest quality instructors and building capacity at each program site. The Fund supports Pre-K Create, a professional development intensive devoted to visual arts, dance, music and theater. 

Kids with blocks

Pre-K Explore

Since the NYC Department of Education launched Pre-K for All in 2014, nearly 70,000 children have been enrolled in free, full-day, top quality pre-K programs throughout the city. The Fund is supporting the quality of these programs through Pre-K Explore, an intensive two-year training on an interdisciplinary, evidence-based curriculum with a math focus.