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On Monday, February 3, 2014, NIKE, Inc. announced a $1 million grant to the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) to support physical activity programming in public schools across New York City. To celebrate this partnership, NIKE, Inc. visited two schools that stand out for making physical activity a core part of their school’s culture – PS 1 Courtlandt School and PS/IS 218 Rafael Hernandez Dual Language Magnet School. NIKE, Inc.  invited their trainer, Holly Rilinger to both schools and a special guest, NY Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz, to PS/IS 218 to join in on the school’s PE classes.

The kids were ecstatic and worked extra hard during their PE classes. Throughout the period, they were continuously active doing everything from burpees to jumping jacks to yoga poses.

The physical activity programs that NIKE, Inc. is supporting are CHAMPS and Move-To-Improve (MTI).

CHAMPS stands for Cooperative Healthy Active Motivated Positive Students and is the NYCDOE’s citywide middle school sports and fitness program. The additional investment from NIKE, Inc. will help build out CHAMPS programming in 90 K-8 schools to provide their students with more options – from dance to basketball to badminton – to get active.

MTI integrates short, structured fitness activities into elementary school classes. These 10-minute MTI activities show students that fitness is a fun part of a daily routine, helping them develop potentially life-long healthy habits. The additional investment from NIKE, Inc. will help the NYCDOE train 2,500 teachers in MTI and create 75 new MTI All-Star elementary schools in which 85% of teachers are trained in MTI.

NIKE, Inc.’s investment is going towards fostering school cultures that promote healthy lifestyles for our students. This is of utmost importance because healthy children are shown to do better in school and live longer, more productive lives.

The Fund for Public Schools is grateful for NIKE, Inc.’s commitment to support our students and we look forward to continuing to serve as the liaison between NIKE, Inc. and the NYCDOE as this exciting grant continues to unfold.

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