Software engineering students learn how to do good by doing well

As part of NYC’s historic CS4All initiative, the DOE recently teamed up with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) for a hackathon for a group of 130 sixth and ninth grade students. The middle- and high-schoolers, who are enrolled in the Software Engineering Program (SEP), were tasked with creating public service announcements to inspire animal rescue and to help endangered species. The WCS framed the day with the challenge of creating appealing and actionable PSAs that have the possibility of helping animals in need. The students collaborated with one another by brainstorming and researching, and then using coding software to create the PSAs. Students participated in the design process by getting peer feedback on their projects. The event not only provided the students with an opportunity to develop their software engineering skills, but to learn about endangered species and receive practical experience in making a connection to how engineering can be deployed in real world scenarios.  SEP and CS4All are made possible with private support from numerous organizations, including CSNYC. Learn more about CS4All.

Matt DarianSTEM