With CS4All, AP Exam Participation Skyrockets


New York City is passing the test.


Advanced Placement exam results for NYC Public Schools in 2017 have been released and the results are encouraging. Students taking at least one AP exam rose 9.9 percent, and students passing at least one rose 7.5 percent. These increases were seen across all boroughs, and across all ethnic groups.

The outcomes are thanks in part to the DOE’s AP for All initiative, which aims to ensure 75 percent of high school students will have access to at least five AP classes by fall 2018 and all high school students will have access by fall 2021.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Exciting still are the results realized because of Computer Science for All.

“The latest Advanced Placement results in computer science are a powerful indicator that CS4All is driving student success across the city, with an over three-fold increase in the number of students taking AP CS exams after only the program’s second year,” said Sarah Geisenheimer, executive director of the Fund for Public Schools.

That’s a big deal. In 2016, 1,137 students took an AP CS exam. Just a year later, that number rose to 3,966.

“I imagine we will see thousands more of our high school students taking these AP CS exams within a few more years,” said Fred Wilson, founder and chairman of CSNYC and managing partner at Union Square Ventures. “This is great news for the children of NYC and the companies who operate here who need more employees with these skills.”

And perhaps most impressive? New York City students accounted for approximately 7% of all AP Computer Science Principles exam test-takers across the entire country. Incredible, given that prior to the launch of CS4All, only 5% of students in NYC public schools took the AP exam.

This success is undoubtedly made possible through the generous support and commitment of CS4All’s partners. “Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our philanthropic partners, this public-private partnership is making real headway toward achieving its goal of providing computer science education to all New York City public school students,” said Geisenheimer.

With the ultimate goal of providing every NYC public school student with computer science education, the dramatically higher AP participation results highlight the unique, successful model that the public-private partnership has delivered to NYC schools.

Matt Darian