Join the mentors of the students of International High School at Lafayette in supporting the school’s mission of preparing its immigrant student youth to become leaders within their communities and the country.

International High School at Lafayette (IHSL) is a public school, administered by the New York City Department of Education and focused on meeting the needs of English Language Learners, many of whom have very recently arrived to the United States.  Students come from over 40 different countries, with the largest groups from China, Guatemala, El Salvador, Uzbekistan, and Yemen. 

At a time when the effectiveness of public education is questioned by some and the value of immigrant communities is similarly challenged, donating to IHSL allows us to show our support for these students as they seek to find their place in our country. Your support helps them realize their own path to the “American Dream”. 

While these funds will be available for a broad range of school needs, the current expectation is that funds principally will provide scholarships for IHSL graduates pursuing higher education. Despite acceptance into colleges and universities, many students will not be able to attend due to financial need. Even with City University of New York tuitions often under $5,000 per year, many students cannot attend due to extreme financial pressures.  Your contributions can make an enormous difference. 

In the current news cycles, we often do not hear about the hard work that's involved in providing effective public education to all New Yorkers.  We too often ignore the needs of public schools when we plan our charitable contributions.  Let’s shut out the political noise and focus our dollars on IHSL where the hard work of preparing young immigrant students takes place.