Academic Excellence

Academic excellence means striving to ensure every student is college and career ready. The Fund supports DOE's work to meet students' diverse needs with a variety of in-school and after-school programs, and supports front line educators and leadership with opportunities for professional development and collaboration.

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Building on the success of Pre-K for All, the City's full-day pre-kindergarten program, The Fund is supporting high-quality Pre-K experiences for our youngest learners. By supporting professional development for teachers and administrators, we're working to ensure our students have a foundation of critical skills for their academic journey.




Providing students with the skills necessary to participate - and succeed - in the 21st century workforce is essential to their future and ours. The Fund is supporting students throughout all five boroughs and at every grade level to gain critical skills in subjects ranging from computer science to robotics, math and more. 

Reading Rescue


Data show that literacy by 3rd grade is a leading indicator for future academic success. The Fund is supporting the DOE's ambitious goal: Within six years, at least two-thirds of students will be able to read on grade level by the end of 2nd grade, with a target of 100% literacy by 2026. 

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The Fund provides for a number of arts programs throughout the DOE, ranging from theater and dance to music and visual arts. From early childhood through high school, arts education provides enormous benefit to students. Arts programs promote the development of students’ cognitive, affective, and behavioral competencies, while also supporting growth in their self-awareness, social awareness, relationship- and self-management skills. 



Through postsecondary readiness programs made possible with help from The Fund, students are provided the supports necessary to prepare for life after high school, whether that is in guiding them through the college preparation and application process, providing hands-on work experience, or preparing them with the critical thinking skills required to succeed in life.